Strings a musical journey.

Hi itch

Latest update for strings is live,

Interesting thing that i noticed with strings. As while developing it i was targeting both mobile and webgl market and thought it would be good to target both market with single game, as the would get more exposure.

But as soon as game got live on android and web gl , I experienced game have different impact and feeling on both of the game.

On one hand on webgl the game is more easy to play and more enjoyable to play. on other hand on mobile the game is more complex but gives you feel of game i.e. you have to give efforts to get score.

Strings had large user base on web gl but on mobile have greater user retention.

So this what i learned from this, every game have different impact on different platform.

And lets see what more we gonna learn from this game.

Play your self and share your experience.

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